Golden Rose lakovi su mi inače super, barem onih nekoliko koje sam ja isprobala, ali ovi iz Holiday kolekcije su stvarno najbolji iz čitavog njihovog asortimana. Baš je super što jedan brend poput Golden Rose, koji se bavi prodajom jeftinije kozmetike, tako dobro prati trendove. Holiday lakovi koštaju 4,5 KM, sadrže 11,3 ml proizvoda, imaju efekat pijeska i jako  su postojani. Mene su oduševili.
#77 je neonska naranžasta i baš mami pogled, nema šanse da vam neko ne primjeti nokte :-D

Golden Rose nail polishes are all great, at least the ones I tried, but these from the Holiday collection are really the best out of their whole assortment. It is so great that a brand such as Golden Rose Cosmetics, ho sell cheaper cosmetics, follow the world's trends so well. Nail polishes from the Holiday range dost 2,25 euros, they hold 11,3 ml of product, with sand effect and are long-lasting. I am amazed!
#77 is a neon orange and is truly eye-catching. There is no way that your nails go unnoticed. :-D

Nisam baš neki ekspert u nanošenju laka, nadam se da mi to nećete zamjeriti :-D, bitno je da vidite otprilike kako izgleda na noktima...:-D

I am not an expert in applying nail polish, I hope you won't mind that :-D, the point is for me to show you what it looks like on the nails...:-D

 Svidja li vam se nijansa?

 Do you like the shade?

moja prva e.l.f. narudžba / my first e.l.f. order

 Prije nekih mjesec dana je na britanskoj E.L.F. stranici blo sniženje od čak 60% i to sam vidjela kao odličnu priliku da isprobam neke od njihovih proizvoda.E.L.F. inače ima niske cijene, a ovo sniženje je stvarno bilo smiješno, a još sam imala i kod za besplatan shipping, tako što sam učestvovala u njihovoj nagradnoj igri, i ovo je bila prilika koja se ne propušta. Nažalost skoro svi proizvodi koje sam htjela isprobati su već bili rasprodani, osim ove palete sjena, tako da sam bukvalno izmišljala šta drugo da kupim. Na kraju me sve ovo na slici izišlo 13 funti (oko 30 KM). Super!
Narudžba je stigla za 20 dana. A evo šta sam izabrala:

About a month ago the british e.l.f. site was 60% off all orders and I saw this as a great opportunity to try out some of their products. E.L.F usually has low prices, and this sale was really hillarious, plus I had a code for free shipping, by participating in one of their giveaways, so this was a chance I could not resist. Unfortunately, almost all of the products I wanted to try out were sold out, except for the eyeshadow palette. so I literally made up what to buy. In the end, it all cost me 13 pounds(around 15 euros). Awesome! The order came in 20 days.
And this is what I chose:

100pc Eyeshadow palette
All over colour stick-Golden peach
Brightening eye colour-Butternut
Liquid eyeliner-Coffe
Plumping lip glaze-peach passion
Hypershine lip gloss- flirt
Hypershine lip gloss- Blossom
Luscious liquid lipstick-Baby lips
Fan brush
Healthy glow Bronzing powder-Warm tan
Healthy glow bronzing powder-Luminance
Single eyeshadow-Pebble

Imate li vi šta od e.l.f.-a  i kako vam se svidja ovaj moj slučajni izbor proizvoda?

Do you own anything by e.l.f. and how do you like my random choice of products?


Za GR kozmetiku sam čula davno, ali nikada nisam ni pomišljala da je probam.. Prodavali su se kod nas samo na pijaci i uvijek mi je izgledala nekako ružno, prašnjavo, tako da sam je zaobilazila. Medjutim, kada sam pročitala super recenzija po blogovima, pogotovo ruževa i lakova, i ja sam odlučila da ih isprobam, kad ih toliko hvale. Mogu samo reći da mi je žao što to nisam ranije uradila, jer su fantastični! Naručila sam sebi 5 ruževa i svi su predivni, jedva čekam da isprobam nove nijanse.

I heard about GR cosmetics a long time ago, but I never wished to even try them out. They were only sold on the flea market and it always looked kinda ugly, and dirty... But when I read so many good reviews on various blogs, Especially their lipsticks and nail polishes, I decided to give them a try, since they are praised that much. I can only say that I am so so sorry I haven't done that before, because they are amazing. I ordered 5 lipsticks and they are beautiful, I can't wait to try out some other shades.

Ruževi sadrže 4,2 g proizvoda u sebi, kao i vitamin E i kremasti su. Miris im nije iritantan,, a sa cijenom od 3 KM su apsolutni pobjednici. Pakovanje im je crno, elegantno, nije neke pretjerane kvalitete, ali hej-3 KM.! Jedino treba paziti da se dobro zatvore, jer se moze desiti da se malo ošteti ruž, ali to mi ne smeta. Super su pigmentirani i dobro postojani i zaista ih se isplati kupiti.

The lipsticks are 4,2 g each and contain vitamin E and are creamy. Their smell is not irritating and with the price of 1,5 euros, they are absolute winners. The packaging is black, elegant, not of much high quality, but hey!-1,5 euros! The only thing you should watch out for is making sure that you close the lipstick properly, or else it can be damaged a bit, but that doesn't bother me. They are super pigmented and long lasting and are worth buying.

#79 je roskasta nijansa sa plavim podtonovima, Lijepa je ljetna nijansa, mada ja nikada ne nosim ruž prema godišnjem dobu,  i jarka je, što mi se svidja. Mislim da je nijansa koja većini stoji, a zbog plavih podtonova čini zube mrvicu bijeljim.

#79 is a pinkish shade with blue undertones. It's a nice summer shade, though I never wear lipstick according to the season,  and it  is bright, which I like. I believe it's a shade that looks good on everyone  and because of those blue undertones the teeth seem slightly whiter.

#123 je prava vamp boja i prvi je ruž takve ili slične nijanse koji posjedujem. Uvijek nekako bježim svjetlijim tonovima, ali ovu sam htjela isprobati i drago mi je što ću malo izaći iz svoje comfort zone. Boja je prekrasna, ali se uz ruž mora koristiti olovka.

#123 is a true vamp color and it is the first lipstick in this  or similar shade that I own. I somehow tend to use lighter shades, but I'm glad I'm stepping out of my comfort zone because of this one. The shade is beautiful, but you have to use a lip pencil with it.

#126 je prekrasna, prekrasna nijansa i mislim da je on i najprodavaniji. Njega sam najviše i koristila od svih i moj je apsolutnii favorit od ovih 5. Boja je blago narandžasta i jednostavno mi je super, ne znam šta drugo reći.

#126 is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade and I believe it's their bestselling one. I used this one the most and it's my absolute favorite out of the 5. The lipstick is a light orange shade and is simply amazing, I don't know what else to say.

#127 je svijetlo rozi i ide uz sve moguće, od smokey eyea do nekog neutralnog izgleda. Ovakve nijanse sam uvijek voljela i imala i ovakav ruž svaka žena treba da ima u torbici.

#127 is a light pink and goes with everything, from smokey eyes to a neutral look. I always loved these kinds of shades and always used them and every woman should have this kind of lipstick in her purse.

#128 je prelijepa narandžasta nijansa kao stvorena za ljeto i osunčan ten. Lijepo ide uz smedje tonove, na očima ili obrazima i meni se jako, jako svidja.

#128 is a beautiful orange shade made for Summer and a tan. It goes well with browns, either on your eyes or cheeks and I like it a lot.

Uradila sqam i swatcheve na ruci, jednom na prirodnoj svijetlosti, a drugi put sa blicem. Koje nijanse vi imate i preporučujete?

I did some swatches on my hand, once in natural sunlight and once using a flash. What shades do you have and recommend?


Juli je bio pakleno vruć i maksimalno sam izbjegavala šminkanje, trenutno ne radim, pa si mogu to priuštiti. Izlazila sam samo ujutro rano ili nekada navečer i pokušavala što manje maltretirati lice šminkom, jer mi je koža užasno masna, a u kombinaciji sa vrućinom postaje grozna, sa velikim G! Ipak, da ne bih prepadala ljude sa svojim nenašminkanim licem, morala sam nešto i stavljati, a ovo su proizvodi koje sam najčešće koristila u julu.

July was hot as hell and I avoided using make up, I'm unemployed at the moment, so I can do that. I went out only really early in the morning or at night and I tried to keep my face clean as much as possible, because my skin is oily and in the combination with heat it becomes awful, with a capital A! But I couldn't scare people with my bare face :-D, I had to use something-so these are the products I used the most in July.

AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER-savršenstvo u boci. Tako mi se svidja da ga koristim u svakoj mogućoj prilici, na sebi i na bebici. Super osvježava, a još je i ne čuvam u frižideru.

AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER-perfection in a bottle. I like it so much that I use it at any occasion, both me and my baby. It is so refreshing and I don't even keep it in the fridge.

BRUNO BANANI not for everybody silkening body lotion-  ima divan miris i koristim ga često umjesto parfema. Ovo je jedini proizvod kojem toplota paše, što je god toplije, miris se više širi :-D

BRUNO BANANI not for everybody silkening body lotion-the scent is beautiful and I often use it instead of perfume. This is the only product that agrees with heat, the warmer, the better it smells.

BIODERMA sensibio-najbolji proizvod ikada za skidanje šminke, šta više da kažem...

BIODERMA sensibio-the best make up remover ever, what else is there to say...

BALEA VASELINE- koristim ga za sve moguće, a navečer ga stavljam na područje oko očiju.         (čudno,znam :-D)

BALEA VASELINE-I use it for all kinds of stuff, and at night I use it in my eye area (weird, I know :-D)

LABELLO lip butter RASPBERRY ROSE- mmm divan miris... Nekada ga koristim samoga, jer ima malo boje i fino vlaži usne, a miris je veliki plus! Dobro dodje i ispod malo suhljih ruzeva.

LABELLO lip butter RASPBERRY ROSE- mmm wonderful smell. Sometimes I just use it on its own, it has a hint of color and it moisterizes the lips nicely, and the smell is a big plus! Its also good to use under a bit drier lipsticks

ANNY lak za nokte #322 white linen- volim bijeli lak za nokte, nebitno koje je godišnje doba i ovaj mi je divan, mada trebaju dva dobra sloja da izgleda kako treba.

ANNY nail polish #322 white linen- I love white nail polish, no matter the season and this one is wonderful, you need two good coats to make it look nice, though.

MAX FACTOR kohl pencil #090 natural glaze-divna olovka za oči, stavljala sam je uz sve moguće sjene, jer me zaista osvježi. Super ne- bijela nijansa.

MAX FACTOR kohl pencil #090 natural glaze-great eye liner, I used it with every possible eyeshadow, it really makes me look fresh. A great off -white color.

ALVERDE ruž #82 hazelnut- smedja nijansa koju ne stavljam na usne, jer mi grozno stoji, ali sam ga stalno koristila za konturiranje lica. Stavljam ga preko tečnog pudera i predjem lagano kamenim puderom preko njega. Super mi je posluzio u tu svrhu.

ALVERDE lipstick #82 hazelnut-a brown shade that I never use on my lips because it looks awful on me, but I used it to contour my face. i put it over my foundation and then use some powder over it. It served great for that purpose.

GABRINI super shock eyeliner-waterproof- super proizvod za tako malo novca, super postojanost i prezadovoljna sam sa njim.

GABRINI super shock eyeliner-waterproof- super product for the low price, lasts long and I'm pretty satisfied with it

MAYBELLINE instant anti age effect-the eraser- jako dobar korektor kojeg sam maksimalno koristila prošlog mjeseca i , nažalost, gotovo je pri kraju. To pokazuje koliko mi se svidja.

MAYBELLINE instant anti age effect-the eraser-a very good concealer that I used A LOT last month and I almost used it up, unfortunately, but that shows how much I like it.

BOURJOIS healthy balance puder u kamenu- puno korišten u julu, ne izlazim iz kuće bez njega.

BOURJOIS healthy balance powder- I used it a lot in July, never left my home without it.

SLEEK makeUp i divine oh so special- ako sam stavljala sjenu, bila je iz ove palete. Stvarno prekrasna paleta i svima je preporučujem.

SLEEK makeUp i divine oh so special- If I used any eyeshadow, it was from this palette. A truly wonderful palette and I recommend it to everyone.

SEDONA LACE paleta sa 28 rumenila- pored toliko rozih boja, šta drugo poželjeti?

SEDONA LACE 28 blush palette- with so many pink shades to choose from, what more can you wish for?

Šta kažete na ove favorite? Imamo li išta zajedničko?

What do you say about my favorites? Do we have anything in common?